Our Hikes

We suggest you differents hikes : 

Hiking with little children are hikes suitable for families with children between 3 and 5 years: a hike that keeps the taste of adventure, while respecting the rhythm of the smaller ... small easy steps can make a nap under a big oak tree, to arrive earlier or leave later ride the next day … (hikes about 12 km by days with possibilities to make short cut from 2 to 4 km each days).



Hike and sleep in unusual place : for those wich want to experiment each night an unusual, different place to sleep. The hikes are possible for every body even families because on this hike, there are each days possibilities to make short cut (hikes beetwen 14 and 12 km, except for the 6 days hike where you have two biggest hike without short cut possible).


Hike «in a roman’s garden … » : Those hikes are for adults and families with children from 7/8 years old wich are used to hike; the hikes are 15 km by days and. You will discover the most beautiful roman’s church of the brionnais arriving by magnificent and typical path of the « bocage » (new in 2013 : Installation of QR-Codes on the most important church of the region : descriptions illustrated by photos and informations about other touristic points nearby)



Hike « In the course of the river » : Those hikes even thay’re more longer (16 to 18 km) are possible for families with children from 7/8 ans. In fact, you will hike in the course of the river Loire, last wild river in Europe, and the gradients are very gentle : you’ll take the path following the canal of Roann to Digoin, the path nearby the river and if you are attentiv you can discover all the fauna and flora typical from this part of Burgundy.   



For more details about all those hikes: http://www.bougresdanes.com/en/our-hikes/