Our Country


Brionnais in south Burgundy  

In southern Burgundy, on west side part, at the intersection of regions of Burgundy, Auvergne and Rhône-Alpes, beats Country Charolais-Brionnais.

Cheek resting on the Loire, draped in a luxurious grove, thread embroidered glittering rivers and canals, this is our land!

Charolais Brionnais varied landscapes and full of attractions, between mountains, valleys, rivers, forests and farmland fashioned by man since the eighteenth century.  


The roman garden of Burgundy

Grand or humble, laid on top of the villages nestled in the middle of farmland, more than 100 churches and chapels show the influence of the Cluny art in Southern Burgundy. A "garden novel" amidst a landscape "cattle", which gives the country Charolais-Brionnais incomparable charm ...


Agricultural land 

Rural areas and authentic Country Charolais-Brionnais multiplies the products of excellence. Agriculture and livestock (cattle, sheep, goats) give the food its nobility. Featuring unparalleled taste values, Charolais meat appears on the larger tables and across borders. First zone manufacturing cheeses of France, the country boasts a new AOC "Charolais" - goat cheese - tribute to the expertise of producers.


The Loire, the last wild river in Europe

Europe's last wild river, the Loire fascinated by his whims unexplained by turns calm and indomitable, she draws a bed studded with surprises, green islands in shifting shoals.

Earth, water, air? The magic of the Loire turns paddling or lounging on its banks; Large meanders discovering large sandy islands, alluvial forests covered galleries plant named "verdiaux" grassland regularly flooded, the Loire Valley is multiple and changing.